Training Department

The Training Department of Oghab Afshan After Sales Services commenced its activities from October 2006. The department has strived to move towards the advancement of the company’s new goals and the department’s main task of training and improvement of the scientific and technical knowledge of the office personnel and workshop technicians of the after sales services network through the establishment of a specialized training center and the cooperation of domestic and foreign instructors.

Oghab Afshan has also established a well-equipped training center in the Mashhad workshop to develop and improve the qualitative and quantitative level of training and after sales services and to increase customer satisfaction.


Contact Details:

Address: Oghab Afshan Central Workshop, Imam Reza Highway Km 5, Tehran, Iran

Tel: (+98 21) 33869090  Ext. 112

Fax: (+98 21) 33860864