About Us


Oghab Afshan Industrial and Manufacturing Co. is the largest bus and coach manufacturer in the private sector of Iran. With an extensive background of 65 years in the field of bus and coach manufacturing, Oghab plays an important role in renovation and development of the public transportation fleet of the country. The company’s factory is located opposite Semnan Industrial Estate in a 50-hectare land of which 65,000 m2 is covered area. Oghab manufactures diverse models of city buses, coaches and minibuses, and one of its main policies is to develop the product portfolio in order to meet different needs of its customers.

In 2017, Oghab manufactured more than 1500 city buses and coaches and 100 minibuses, which marked an important milestone in the company’s history. According to a predetermined plan, the company is to manufacture 2000 city buses and coaches and 500 minibuses in 2018.

Obtaining the certificate of quality management system as per ISO 9001:2008 along with excellent quality of the products has made it possible for Oghab to expand export markets of its buses and coaches in countries such as Egypt, Syria and Iraq.

One of the most significant Oghab’s achievements is the acquisition and localization of the knowledge of design and building of a variety of bodies for buses in compliance with international standards.

The company’s after-sales service center is one of its most important pillars, fulfilling the purpose of offering services and improving customer satisfaction. The central workshop measuring 10,000 m2 provides 24/7 after-sales services within the shortest time possible through advanced equipment. It should be noted that well-equipped and well-trained workshops have also been established in centers of major provinces, offering services throughout the country.